Hotel High Adobe

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Un entorno rural con una gran vista

The High Adobe Hotel guest ranch sits on a 160 acre ridgetop and offers spectacular views of Mount Baldy and the Mojave River Valley. We provide a pleasant alternative to the noisy hotels on the I-15 Freeway. In 15 short minutes you can be our guest in a serene setting enjoying a cold beverage at Carmen’s Ponderosa Restaurant. Within minutes discover Jess Ranch Town Center with many eateries, wine bars, brew pubs, coffee houses and theaters.
We are the Hotel of choice for adventurists. Hike to Deep Creek Hot Springs. Bring your ATV’s and enjoy miles of nearby trails, outdoor motor sports, and events like the famous Hammer Rock Crawl. If you’re a climber make your home base at the High Adobe and take in the areas many rock climbing locations. Equestrians can park their trailers and ride out to hundreds of miles of forestry trails all the way to Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead.

The High Adobe is pet friendly. If you’re looking for a hotel stay anywhere in the High Desert, Victorville, Hesperia, Apple Valley, Phelan or Lucerne Valley we invite you to the High Adobe Hotel.


Established in 1947. During the Forties the High Desert was home to several guest ranches such as The High Adobe, Sage Hen and Kemper Campbell which served as a getaway for Hollywood elite, writers, hunters and fly fishermen for many years. The High Adobe is the last of these Historic Guest Ranches still in operation. It has been the home of independent films, music festivals, weddings and many celebrations throughout its history. In 1980 it was purchased by its third owners Ken and Carmen Rayburn and was renamed Carmen’s Ponderosa Guest Ranch. In 1997 Ken and Lana Rayburn brought back the original name of High Adobe for the lodging side just north of Carmen’s Ponderosa Restaurant and offer extended and long term stay hotel.

Apple Valley is located at the southern edge of the Mojave Desert. For centuries, Apple Valley was populated by Shoshonean, Paiute, Vanyume, Chemehueve and the Serrano who were attracted to the water and vegetation around the Mojave River. The Mojave people came later and were the tribal group encountered in 1542 by a detachment of Coronado’s men, the first Spanish to come to the Mojave desert. Throughout the 19th century, Apple Valley became a thoroughfare of people traveling to Southern California for various reasons. Ute horse thieves, led by Chief Walkara, brought through an estimated 100,000 horses from their raids on the Lugo Rancho and San Gabriel Mission. Apple Valley was the home of Roy Rodgers and Dale Evans and has been a filming spot for many movies, TV shows, and commercials, including the late 1950s show Sky King, several commercials for companies such as and celebrities such as Danica Patrick, and the movie Eagle Eye, starring Shia LaBeouf. (Just a few notable people from Apple Valley; Don Ferrarese, Cuba Gooding Jr, Miko Hughes, Dave Lombardo, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans).
In the 70’s Carmen Rayburn decided to leave Santa Monica. Being raised in a small town in Missouri she realized living the fast paced life in Santa Monica was not for her, she wanted land and solitude. So she closed down her Hawaiian dress shops, sold her home, packed up Mamma and moved to Apple Valley. Carmen loved the fact that she had land, could see for miles, and the stars at night always glistened. She also knew she could offer a place surrounded by calm and love to her family, longtime friends and guests.
Carmen renamed the ranch “Carmen’s Ponderosa”. She also opened up another clothing store “Carmen’s Originals” where she sold Hawaiian dresses, shoes and accessories. Carmen was a socialite as fashion was her love. She hosted many fashion shows and dinner parties for the local community.
Carmen was a minister offering spiritual guidance, counseling and married many couples. Carmen’s longtime friends from Hollywood and Santa Monica would visit her in Apple Valley as they too wanted a getaway. Reverend Carmen Montez, a minister and spiritual adviser for the rich and famous including Elvis Presley frequently came to visit Aunt Carmen as they were best of friends. After Carmen passed away in 1997 her nephew Kenny and his wife Lana continued running the business and decided to bring back the original name “The High Adobe”. Over the years Kenny and Lana have built relationships with guests who continue to return.
There are guests who have shared stories that they have seen two women with long black hair walking around the main lodge. They insist they are never frightened and feel calm and love. We believe the two women are Carmen Rayburn and Carmen Montez who continue to watch over Kenny, Lana and their children.


Conoce los Dueños


Lana Rayburn Owner

Lana is a Registered Nurse here in the Hi-Desert.  She saw a need for comfortable home style extended stay lodging for medical professionals who were rotating through the Hi-Desert.   Don’t be surprised if you meet Lana around the Hi-Desert as she is always marketing and spreading the word about the High Adobe.  If you stay here long you too will go away remembering Lana for the rest of your life.


Ken Rayburn Owner

Ken is a Professional Construction Manager and works all over the United States and South America. Ken has participated in many commercial and industrial projects throughout the Victor Valley including AFG Glass Plant and Mitsubishi Cement. Ken promoted the Desert Jam Music Festivals at the Ranch in 1998, 1999 and 2000 and has recently played host to independent films such as “Get Rich Free” by producer Paul Thind of Los Angeles.